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2 Jan 2005
Released Beepfind 0.5.2
24 Oct 2004
Released version 0.5.2
05 Aug 2004
Released version 0.5.1
18 July 2004
Beepfind almost ready
01 July 2004
Released version 0.5.0
03 Dec
Released version 0.4.7
10 march
Released version 0.4.6
27 feb
Released version 0.4.5
25 feb
Speed up fix in CVS!
17 feb
Released version 0.4
10 jan
Released version 0.3
3 jan
Project page moved to sourceforge

9 dec
Fixed a bug in the 0.3pre1 release. Enqueuing should now work!
9 dec:
Released version 0.3pre1
4 dec:
Page created, first release of xmmsfind (0.2).

Updated: 2004-10-24

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XMMSFind Main Page
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XmmsFind is a small plugin for the X Multimedia System that enables you to quickly search for a file in the current playlist, and at your command, play it.
The plugin is very similar to the built-in "jump to file" util, but it is launched by an external command so the window will pop up regardless of where the XMMS window is hiding.
For example, you can use another program to launch XmmsFind with a keyboard shortcut or button on an extened keyboard.

It is released under GPL so just download and try it.
Give feedback to Isak Savo and Michael Marineau
How it works:
XmmsFind is started when it is enabled from xmms (preferences->effects/general plugins). This will only initialize the plugin, the searchwindow is not shown until xmmsfind_remote is launched. The remote program simply tells the plugin to show the search window and then exits.

When the main window is shown, simply enter the words you want to search for (you can also use a regexp) and the list will be updated with the matching files.
To play a file, simply hit enter and it is played! If you want to make the song play after the currently playing song, just hold down control while pressing enter.
To enqueue all songs in the current searchlist, simply hold down shift while hitting enter.
Beepfind 0.5.2: Finally Released :-)
- Ported Xmmsfind to the Beep Media Player and GTK2
- This version requires BMP 0.9.7
Version 0.5.2: BUGFIX!!
This is a must if you want to use list enqueue in 0.5.x
- Fixed lockups and crashes caused by list enqueue
- Fixed list enqueue for when smart enqueue is off to not produce duplicates
Version 0.5.1: Some nice tidbits
- Added feature to remember the search window size.
- Fixed issues with some window managers that caused the window to always pop up on the same desktop.
- Centering the search window by default can now be disabled.
- Added support for multiple xmms sessions.
- Added information about keyboard shortcuts under Gnome and KDE.
Beepfind almost ready
Xmmsfind 0.5.0 has been ported to the Beep Media Player. It works with the current CVS version of Beep and will be relased as soon as Beep 0.9.7 is released (hopefully soon). You can grab Beepfind from CVS.
Note: This will not work with Beep Media Player 0.9.6.
Version 0.5.0: Bunch o' Stuff
- Added support for Xmms' built in enqueue system
- Added enqueue buttons to the main window
- Changed the matching options. Now matches against Title/Filename and Directory Path
- Some bug fixes
Version 0.4.7: Some new patches
got some new patches from you users. The first is from Jason Collier and it allows xmmsfind to stay open when a new song is changed/enqueued.
The second is from Raf Haesen wich improves the way "smart enqueueing" is performed.
Version 0.4.6: another speed-up fix
Got a patch from Luis Rosa (for email info, see changelog) wich can make xmmsfind skip getting the id3-info from xmms and just display the filename in the searchwindow.
This could improve the getting of the playlist if it's large! Some layoutchanges to the config window was also made.
Version 0.4.5: Speed-up fix.
It seems that xmmsfind is really slow with large playlist (couple of thousands), so I added an option that will force xmmsfind not to re-get the playlist from xmms each time it lauches!
Note that this is only useful if the playlist doesn't change at all. between launches
A manual refresh can be done by hitting F5 or ctrl-r anytime.

The first launch of xmmsfind will always get the playlist!
XmmsFind currently does the following:
  • Launched as a plugin when xmms starts
    • Configurable from within xmms
  • Get current playlist from xmms
  • Case-insensitive-multi-word search, with regular expressions.
  • Plays selected song
  • Option to enqueue file instead of playing it
  • Option to control what xmmsfind matches the searchstring with. (Title and/or Filename)
  • Force an enqueue if user hold "ctrl" while pressing enter.
  • When enqueing, option to remember the position of the last enqueued song.
  • Enqueue all songs in the list if "shift-enter" is pressed
  • Option to select if xmmsfind should re-get the playlist from xmms upon every launch.
  • Option to select if xmmsfindwindow should be closed after song-change/enqueu
What xmmsfind might do some day
  • Perhaps have more search-options. For instance:
    • Match specific id3 tags
    • Ability to select what to match in realtime (i.e. the string "%a metallica & %g rock" will match all rock songs by metallica)
  • You tell me...
The latest version of Xmmsfind and other releases can be downloaded from The sourceforge project page

You can browse the CVS here.
Or, to checkout the entire source, simply follow these instructions.
Screenshots: (Old, new ones coming sometime soon.)
Screenshot 1     Config window    Main window v0.4
Main window (v0.3)    Config window (v0.3)    Main window (v0.4)

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© Copyright 2004 Michael Marineau